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"Talking and creating language in a meeting of corporate individuals is not as easy as it
sounds. Many things can go wrong, and do go wrong…..This is where hexagons have
a proven track record."
........Arie de Geus, author, "The Living Company"

Hexagon Modelling supersedes the familiar brainstorming method for idea generation as it encourages holistic quality thinking while guiding users to constructive conclusions and new breakthroughs.

People need a more engaging and flexible approach to shared thinking, structuring new ideas, planning and decision making - whether to solve problems, innovate or achieve clarification in the midst of complexity. Better thinking and creativity whether alone, or in groups, can be achieved rapidly and easily when guided by the hexagon methods.

Here is an example of an introductory Hexagon Model made by a group exploring how to
work more effectively together:


Hexagon Modelling, whilst still leading edge, has been tried and tested over the last twenty years and has demonstrated excellent results for a wide range of users including multinational companies, businesses of all kinds, private sector organisations, local councils, health services, consultants, trainers and in education (not forgetting young children!).

Now Hexagon Modelling is being taken up much more widely and is equally at home in the classroom, council office or training room as it is in corporate strategy development.

Working with the hexagon method is a simple and engaging way to encourage constructive group dialogue, new insights and productive consensus for better action.



Like most good ideas the principle of Hexagon Modelling is deceptively simple - thinking is represented through writing ideas on hexagons, transforming them into idons (idea + icon = idon), which can be easily repatterned in a variety of ways to evoke new thinking - with profound results.

Hexagon Modelling methods will help you to step beyond brainstorming…learn creative problem solving…structure your thinking in a new way…relieve memory overload…innovate…play with ideas…organise…study more effectively… and get things done!

The Hexagon visual thinking tools, for whiteboards and software, are remarkably easy to use with groups. Transform meetings through facilitation with hexagons: stimulate rich dialogue and better thinking, quickly capture good ideas, help teams to better align mental models and empower competence.


Hexagon Modelling brings individuals, groups and organisations Clearer Thinking, New Opportunities and Better Communication for:

Facilitated Discussions, Meetings and Conferences
Changing Perspectives
Creative Breakthroughs
Innovation Decision Making
Solving Problems
Project Planning
Project Tracking
Team Development
Action Learning
Handling Complexity
Implementing Change
Knowledge Management
Strategic Thinking
Accelerated Learning
Productive Interviewing
Creative Writing
Personal Study
Personal Development

and improves

Ideas Generation
Lateral Thinking
Holistic Thinking

…and much more!

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